Simple is the best!

I am Renzo, the toymaker, but I have never sold a toy. Mainly, I am a creative teacher and I like to teach how to make simple traditional accessible toys, using not expensive materials and basic technology. During my workshops and sessions we (I with the group of participants) make good use of recyclable materials or other materials which are easily found around the home. The aim of my toy-making activities is to revitalize what local children can do and make on their own, whether projects or toys. This helps to appreciate recycling and to reinforce the genuine local children's play culture, a thing that is - unfortunately - in danger of disappearing.
Adults have also the role to threelittle bottle cars improve the current environment of life, in which children can benefit of their Natural Rights.

Toys we make

With children we make simple handmade toys that really work to have fun. These toys are a selection of what already exist (such as traditional, native, ethnic or popular toys of the past) and belong to different cultural heritages of different countries of the world. They are a wonderful opportunity to use the world play culture as universal language to build up links amongst people. These toys are different from what is known by the today's children, but their shapes and functions still recall the older generations something of the toys' traditional appearance. So, it's a great chance to awaken memories, thus finding a common interest to be shared amongsmorocccan little girl with a tin car toyt generations.

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“While sometimes suffering under poverty, sickness and oppression children are at the same time active participants in creating the society and culture in which they grow up. Therefore, children's culture should be rightly recognized as an integral part of the tangible and intangible heritage of humanity”.
by JeanPierre Rossie (link)

LONDON April 2013