The Children's Natural Rights manifesto

From the beginning the author gives his mark at his creation: “If the Natural Rights are for children, the Manifesto wants to question the adults. The ten principles are asking them to be aware of the hazard of robbing the children’s best treasure: their childhood lived in accordance with nature.

children's natural rights

The author’s remarkable use of to rob is used to stress what children opportunities, experiences, abilities and occasions lost if they do not meet the world through their owns way. “If they do not live these experiences when they are children, it is forever gone.”
When he talks about his “Manifesto”, he want to see it as complementary way to improve the childhood condition as the “UN Convention of the children’s rights” tries to do.

The author’s thinking
In the Gianfranco’s use of “his” adjective, he thanks all people who gave him the inspiration to design these ten principles, making Children’s Natural Rights accessible to everyone. To do this, he recognises the value of 20 years of working with children as a teacher and as school director, meeting parents and teachers, listening to everybody and finding encouragement, supporting the positive results of his work with them.... link

Click here if you wish copy of the Manifesto in English PDF version or the Manifesto in Italian language - I diritti naturali dei bambini e delle bambine.
Introducing the Author of the Children's Natural Rights: Gianfranco Zavalloni.
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