In this section of the website you can find pdf documents containing a lot of links with other website addresses. They will taketoy doll made with a plastic bottle you to see a type of toys really different from those you know and those you can buy in stores. Looking at this, you can have learn about folk, ethinc, popular and traditional toys of different children's play cultures of the world. I am referring to all those toys that are part of the children’s folklore across the world, which is part of different cultural heritages.
I hope you will broaden your own imagination, which is one of the key factors to allow you to become a creative person - having your own critical viewpoint. And it is like to be free to explore the unknow.

I am sywirling bottle toyure, looking at the websites' contents, your parents or grandparents will recognise something belonging to their childhood. This world was, and still is, created by ordinary people: adults and children. For different reasons they are still keeping alive the handmade and homemade toy-creation activities. This can be a chance to play joyfully and that’s why this section could be called “A B C Play”, or the basic dictionary of making and playing activities with selfmade toys.
I have carefully chosen these websites from many choices, trying to avoid the tangled “internet jungle” (keeping all my respect for all the jungle’s animals and plants).
As you will notice, toys found here are mostly environmentally friendly. This supports a better relationship with the Planet, that is a dynamic living thing.

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